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The changing face of data
The changing face of data
By Colin Bate • Issue #53 • View online
First of all, apologies about November, I didn’t manage to get a single issue out. But let’s not have that distract us. There is definite data driven theme in this issue. Hopefully this will be useful to some as it can be difficult to find free data storage options.

Before getting started, just a quick note that Angular 11 and TypeScript 4.1 were both released this past month. Also JavaScript turned 25 and there are a number of specials and sales on things like courses to celebrate. Pluralsight has some free courses for it.
Cloudflare Workers KV
In a less positive note, Fauna DB have reduced the amount of storage you get on their free plan, by a fair bit. From 5GB down to 100MB. Still enough for most projects, but unfortunate nonetheless.
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