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Relational databases
Relational databases
By Colin Bate • Issue #57 • View online
I know a lot of my readers are fans of, or at least more familiar with, relational databases. They are very common in the financial world, and even with certain open source tech stacks. However, their operating model makes it trickier to find usage-based pricing or even free tiers, but it is possible. I’ve been sitting on this issue for a while in hopes that the hosted database scene would change, but it hasn’t so we need to accept that.

As I mentioned, the options here are limited. Data persistence is one of those areas that is difficult to find free options for, and you may want to invest in this area if you need anything beyond experimentation. You can run MySQL and PostgreSQL on AWS, but it is not a simple process. Storage rates, reserved instances, transfer costs and more await down that road. AWS Aurora has compatible versions of those databases that are simpler to set up, but still $35/month at least. If you want a dedicated managed instance on your own VM for about as cheap as you can, you can try Digital Ocean. I use them for virtual servers and have for years and they are very developer-friendly. You can get a database for $15/month.
ElephantSQL - PostgreSQL as a Service
Clever Cloud
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