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How can you host Deno in 2020
How can you host Deno in 2020
By Colin Bate • Issue #47 • View online
Hi everyone. If you recall, I did an issue on Deno back in May. If you didn’t read it, you can check out A trip to Deno-land in the archive. Since then, there have been a couple of minor releases and the ecosystem continues to grow. Today we will look at some options for hosting your app online.

The obvious option for hosting your app is to do it yourself. You can use PM2 or whatever other service runner you have now for your Node apps, and you can use them for Deno as well. But if you don’t want to manage your own server what should you do? Lets take a look at some other options of services that are rolling out Deno support. I will warn you that none of these services seem to have updated documentation for using Deno, but all claim to have some degree of support.
But before that, since we are talking about Deno with it’s first class TypeScript support, it is worth mentioning that TypeScript 4.0 was just released yesterday. I’m guessing we will see a version of Deno out fairly soon which uses this new release. Worth noting that 4.0 is just a natural progression from 3.9 and not any more breaking than any other version.
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