By Colin Bate

Technical tools, services, and tips for people on a budget.

Technical tools, services, and tips for people on a budget.

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It's been fun!

Not necessarily free or cheap, but a good source of information on what is going on in the world of tech.


Create your own mesh network

I can't believe it is May already. Where has the time gone? I may not be able to answer that, but I should be able to handle all my time zone needs with the Spacetime library. Maybe working with the data in my TinyBase. In any case enjoy geeking out with thes…


Pretty colors and next level forms

I had originally planned to send out an Easter themed issue last weekend, but reality (and my kids' school projects) caught up with me. And while the first link today isn't Easter themed, the color palette has a spring/Easter/pastel vibe, so maybe that counts.


These tools are no joke

I'm not out to fool you, there is free serverless-compatible data storage at play here and I don't joke about that. Otherwise I have a tool and a fun library so we don't forget the whimsy of the day.


Managing design and data

Data and UI design may seem like opposite ends of the development spectrum, but they tend to influence each other more than most people realize. I hope that everyone is doing well and let me know if you find any good free/cheap developer goodies. Enjoy!


Prepping your app or site

As a bonus today, I have a link to my very own video that I recorded walking through building a simple web game in Svelte. It is about an hour long, but if you want an intro to Svelte that isn't a To Do app, then check it out.


Apps and data for free

Some nice offerings in the list today. Definitely a boon for anyone who wants to tinker, but also some options to scale into something more. I hope everyone is well, and it would be great to hear back from people if they have any success using any of these to…


Show off your stuff

I hope everyone is well today. I have a fun and useful collection of tools today that I think many developers could use.


Color and warmth

Some things to note before diving in:There is a free Jamstack conference being held soon.The original AngularJS is now out of LTS.


Show and explain your code

Between recovering from my COVID booster and Christmas Eve, I've managed to miss a couple of weeks for sending issues. However, it seems like many newsletters take a holiday break, so I guess I'm in good company. That said, welcome to the final issue of 2021.…


Turns out the answer isn't 42...

If you got this far and only opened the email because of my clickbait subject, I apologize. I don't have an witty comment about the answer being some other number or anything. Although a Svelte-based FSM comes pretty close. :D


Wrangler, .NET and Svelte

Hey everyone. Today is more an issue of updates, news and that type of thing rather than new tools and services. Just how things panned out. Stay safe!


Writing, coding or filing...

Hello all, a fun set of links today. I missed sending an issue last week, things got a bit busy, but I'm back today. Maybe I'll even get a chance to play around with Papyrus (below) and find a new home for this newsletter. Either way, have a great day.


A Bunch of Rowy goodness

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. A real random assortment today, but I will note that the Jamstack Conference was last week so there are some videos from that floating around. An interesting one from Rich Harris (the creator of Svelte, Rollup, etc) ab…


How are you contrasting?

I'm not sure that question really makes sense, but I feel like that probably doesn't matter. Often times when working on projects, particularly personal projects, we adopt the default color schemes and palettes of whichever CSS framework we are using. Maybe t…


Digging deeper with your data

Hope everyone is doing okay. Things are getting a bit "wave 4-y" here in Bermuda. In any case, it is a bit of a light issue, but I wanted to get one out regardless. A focus on data, but more tools for connecting to it, and working with it rather than specific…


Manage and collect data better

And for something fun...


Easy backend options

If you are building an app based on human user requirements, then at some point during the design process you will likely say, "and then save it in the backend". And depending on your needs, all you want is some endpoint that you can hit without needing to w…


Launch a site with ease.

I hope that everyone is well! This week we have a set of tools that will help you get your site / blog up and running. Certainly not the only options, but all are solid choices. And if you scroll down, I share a video that I made showcasing how easy it is to …


Tools all the way down

Hey everyone, hope this finds you well. Today the theme is "many-in-one". All of the tools below are aggregates of smaller tools. For the most part. Maybe try squinting a bit to see it.