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Sending mail to nobody

The subject isn't about me (hopefully). A bit of a departure from web-specific topics. This set of li
Sending mail to nobody
By Colin Bate • Issue #16 • View online
The subject isn’t about me (hopefully). A bit of a departure from web-specific topics. This set of links can help developers regardless of language. I hope this is of some interest, please let me know if you find this useful.

Email. Despite all of the newer more efficient ways we have to communicate, email continues to be the main channel for communication online. So it isn’t uncommon for an application or system to have some requirement to send emails. And while there are services which will send email for us (we will explore those another day), sometimes we are sending emails directly via SMTP.
If that is the case, and your system needs to send emails to a list of people, maybe customers, or even just a customer at a time with transactional emails, you will need to test that mechanism at some point. And you certainly don’t want to be sending test emails to real people.
Maybe you can replace real emails with fake ones, or send everything to a single test email address, and if your needs are simple that may work. These products and services suggest an alternative option: using a test SMTP server.
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