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Sending mail to everybody

Sorry for the punny set subjects, but I couldn't help myself. This should be the last email themed is
Sending mail to everybody
By Colin Bate • Issue #18 • View online
Sorry for the punny set subjects, but I couldn’t help myself. This should be the last email themed issue for a while. Next week we starting looking at images and media. Let me know if you have anything to share.

As I mentioned last issue, a number of the companies offering the transactional email services, also offer email marketing services as well. So it is worth taking a look at those providers as well as the ones I list here if you are looking for that type of service. Likewise, I believe you can use these services for transactional emails as well.
A question you may be asking is why would a developer want email marketing for a hobby project? And the easy answer is that you likely will not. However, if you ever want to manage a list of subscribers or contacts for a newsletter or even just to send release updates, it is something you may look into.
And if any of your hobbies gain any sort of user base, it can be nice to have a way to manage growing that brand. It isn’t something that I usually think about when creating hobby projects, but if you allow people to sign up for whatever you create, you should add some fine print allowing yourself to contact your users if necessary. Most of these tools will allow users to self manage their subscriptions as well.
I probably shouldn’t talk about the service I didn’t use to host this newsletter without mentioning the service I did use. As I’m sure their branding has indicated, I’m using Revue, which is a dedicated editorial newsletter service. It is very easy to use and I’m generally pretty happy with the choice.
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